Fender ’64 Custom Hand-Wired Princeton Reverb

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Hand-Wired, Time-Honoured Design
Hand-wired at Fender’s Corona factory in California, the 12-watt ’64 Custom Princeton Reverb offers spellbinding tones that can spruce up the sound of any dull-sounding guitar. Fitted with a pair of 6V6 power tubes, the ’64 Princeton projects loose lows with a smooth mid-range and sweet highs; breaking up beautifully at high volumes.

Classic Reverb & Tremolo Effects
This amp offers luscious spring reverb and rich, pulsating tube-biased tremolo effects. Taking you from subtle ambience to engulfing surf-rock levels, the Fender ’64 Princeton can stunningly embellish your core guitar tones with its gorgeous built-in effects.

Vintage Design
Hearkening back to classic Fender amp design of the ’50s and ’60s, this amp’s lightweight solid pine construction makes for a more resonant and “musical” cabinet. When combined with the Jensen P10R speaker, this amp sings with the same vintage chime and sparkle that made the originals so revered.

Hand-wired AA764 circuit with tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo
Fender Vintage Blue tone capacitors
10” Jensen® alnico P10R speaker for sparkling clean tones and moderate
Solid pine cabinet for resonance and lighter weight
Extra-heavy textured vinyl covering and lightly aged silver grille cloth
Footswitch and amp cover included






Product Range: Artist Series
Model: Artist 15
Technology Type: Valve

Preamp Valves: 2 x ECC83
Poweramp Valves: 2 x 6L6

Wattage: 15
Inputs: Guitar Input
Controls: ISF, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb, Master Volume
Channels: 2 – Channel 1, Channel 2

Speaker Size: 12″
Speaker Model: Celestion V Type
Speaker Amount: 1

Weight: 18KG
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 612 x 486 x 258 (mm)”;}}

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