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Boutique Guitars was formed in 2013 by the Bothners Music Group to showcase the high-end guitars available to South African musicians but not often found on guitar hooks of most music stores.
After several years of steady growth, a dedicated shop-in-shop was opened at the Bothners musical instruments store at N1 City Value Centre in Cape Town.

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Robin Gallagher


Boutique Guitars is led by guitar guru, Robin Gallagher. Robin is a master guitarist with an enviable knowledge of high-end guitars gleaned through his years as product manager for Fender South Africa. As an expert on boutique, collectible, high-end guitars, he will be a valuable person for any serious guitar buyer to chat to about their investments.

We take great pride in the guitars we import and make sure they are guitars that hold a high investment value as well as intrinsic value as high-quality instruments for everyone from the weekend warrior to the discerning professional. Each guitar has been hand-picked to ensure you will be getting something truly rare and unique that would be very hard to find anywhere else in the country. You won’t find these hanging on a guitar hook in your average music store! If there’s a specific, rare, limited edition, or once-off guitar that you’ve dreamt of, Robin can help you find it.

As a member of the Bothner group of companies, buying from Boutique guitars comes with the peace of mind of buying from a company with almost 50 years of serving South African musicians. All purchases are fully backed up with our usual excellent after-sales service and expertise.

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