Fender American
Acoustasonic® Telecaster®
Surf Green
From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones SEE IT NOW SEE IT NOW
Martin GPC-28E
Acoustic Electric Guitar
14 Fret Cutaway
Tone, comfort, and speed SEE IT NOW SEE IT NOW
Fender American Original
’60s Telecaster®
Lake Placid Blue
Period-accurate sound and style with modern, fast-playing feel and pickup switching. SEE IT NOW SEE IT NOW
Fender Custom Shop
50s Vibra Telecaster
Limited Edition
The benchmark of craftsmanship SEE IT NOW SEE IT NOW

Boutique Guitars specialize in guitars that hold a high investment value as well as intrinsic value. With a focus is on high-quality instruments for everyone from the weekend warrior to the discerning professional, each guitar has been hand-picked to ensure you will be getting something truly rare and unique that would be very hard to find anywhere else in the country. You won’t find these hanging on a guitar hook in your average music store! If there’s a specific, limited edition, custom-made, or once-off guitar that you’ve dreamed of, we can help you find it.